The Innovation Lab

For Tomorrow's Ubiquitous Technologies

"The most profound technologies are these that disappear.
They wave themselves into the fabric of everyday life
until they are indistinguishable from it"

Mark Weiser , XEROX PARC CTO
Scientific American September 1991

About the Company

We make the real life ideas as a high-quality, commercially viable products. Strategic visionaries from our team nurture ideas, identify opportunities, and listen to feedback. With a strong commitment to your success, we redefine your business process and create powerful business results

Our Solutions

Wellness and Health Monitoring

Wellness and Health monitoring is the set of tools and techniques that allow its users to track any aspect of the health by reliably measured data and analytical simulations in conjunction with heuristic experience, health monitoring technologies is an alternative to the traditional ways to health care.

Smart Spaces

Smart Spaces are any location or area equipped with sensors and actuators connected to a network, they are making people’s live easier and more comfortable, also organizations more efficient and productive and cities smarter and more environmentally sustainable, the most common smart spaces are workplaces, connected factories, smart homes and smart cities…etc.

Smart Vision

Smart Vision is an artificial intelligence set of tools and techniques used to analyze images captured by equipment such as a camera. Concretely, smart vision is presented as an AI-based tools capable of recognizing images, understanding it, and processing the resulting information.

Smart Voice

Smart voice consists of analyzing the human voice in order to transform it into text. Everything goes through the voice, which is identified and then captured in sound frequencies. Then comes the analysis of these sound files using deep learning technologies linked to Artificial Intelligence. The data is translated into human language by speech recognition software.