The Innovation Lab

For Tomorrow's Seamless and Ubiquitous Technologies

"The most profound technologies are these that disappear.
They wave themselves into the fabric of everyday life
until they are indistinguishable from it"

Mark Weiser , XEROX PARC CTO
Scientific American September 1991

About the Company

The aim of SiliconeSignal Technologies is to develop solutions that offer smart, pervasive and ubiquitous services.

We believe that smart technologies can fundamentally change the way we live and work by unlocking new possibilities as well as provide new insights.

This is the reason why at SiliconeSignal Technologies we strive to design and build systems that while being seamless and ubiquitous converge to provide the ultimate solution to personal empowerment in a hyper-connected world.

Our talent pool nurtures ideas, identifies opportunities and listens to feedback from our customers in order to offer them innovative engineering solutions based on cutting edge AI and IoT technologies.

Our Solutions

Wellness and Health Monitoring

Wellness and Health monitoring is a set of technologies that allows its users to track any aspect of their health and wellbeing using reliably measured data and powerful analytics. These novel and smart technologies offer an alternative to the traditional ways to healthcare where emphasis is shifted from cure to prevention. Continuous monitoring of wellbeing and health’s vital signs ensures an early detection of anomalies at the onset and therefore the early application of preventive measures.

Smart Spaces

At SiliconeSignal Technologies we care for people’s comfort and security in their environment. Our solutions are designed to sense the state of occupants as well as the state of their environment in order to provide them with the ultimate convenience in the carrying of their daily lives. With significant advancements in sensors and monitors technology and the ever-increasing complexity of modern spaces, the use case for smart spaces technologies is endless. Whether at home, at work or outdoor our AI and IoT technologies are used to enhance connectivity, security and intelligence.

Smart Vision

State of the art Computer Vision technologies allow us to digitize the physical world, including the places where we live, work, shop and play. Data from smart vision systems installed in different environments can be leveraged to monitor assets, improve worker safety, understand customer journeys and generally make better informed decisions. Our Computer Vision AI team is working towards making Deep Learning based smart vision systems more robust and easy to deploy.

Smart Voice

Smart voice consists of analyzing the human voice in order to transform it into text. Everything goes through the voice, which is identified and then captured in sound frequencies. Then comes the analysis of these sound files using deep learning technologies linked to Artificial Intelligence. The data is translated into human language by speech recognition software.