Wellness and Health Monitoring

Wellness and Health monitoring is a set of technologies that allows its users to track any aspect of their health and wellbeing using reliably measured data and powerful analytics.

These novel and smart technologies offer an alternative to the traditional ways to healthcare where emphasis is shifted from cure to prevention.

Continuous monitoring of wellbeing and health’s vital signs ensures an early detection of anomalies at the onset and therefore the early application of preventive measures.

SleepBytes is our sleep technology platform that leverages IoT hardware and software technologies as well as AI based algorithms in order to provide bedding and mattress manufacturers with the right technology stack that will enable them to offer their customers healthy and wellness caring sleep solutions.


  • Easy to use
  • Real-time health data, and intelligent detection
  • Data security

Explore the SleepBytes Platform

SleepBytes is the first step towards enabling the Sleep as a Service (SlaaS) paradigm.