Smart Vision

State of the art Computer Vision technologies allow us to digitize the physical world, including the places where we live, work, shop and play.

Data from smart vision systems installed in different environments can be leveraged  to monitor assets, improve worker safety, understand customer journeys and generally make better informed decisions.

Our Computer Vision AI team is working towards making Deep Learning based smart vision systems more robust and easy to deploy. The VisioBytes platform is our response to the need for a reliable, versatile and easy to use platform that can meet various requirements stemming from diverse business use cases.

VisioBytes offers fast and easy deployment of smart vision applications that would enable any business, large and small, to leverage the sense of sight and automate any visual task in areas such as :
  • Human Identification and Access Control
  • Vehicle Identification and Access Control
  • Assets Monitoring and Tracking
  • Customer Journey Monitoring and Analytics
  • Work Area Occupation Monitoring
  • Worker Safety Monitoring and Analytics
  • Fire Detection
  • Behaviour Monitoring and Analytics
These sets of tasks find their applications in a wide range of businesses :
  • Retail & Logistics
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Smart Cities
  • Agriculture


  • Faster and simpler process
  • Cost-reduction
  • Environment control